From being scared of DSA to rocking it as a developer!

As a developer, I was not very confident about DSA and backend and being a frontend developer, my job didn’t demand the same from me. Slowly, I realised that I wanted to increase the scope of my opportunities but my fear for DSA and backend stopped me. Then I joined Newton School.

When I joined Newton school I already had some experience in Frontend Development with Html and CSS. But thanks to Newton, at the end of the 6th month of my course, I learned a whole lot of new technology including Bootstrap, ReactJs, Redux as well NodeJS. I couldn’t believe myself when I had learned so many new things including Backend and I can call myself A Full Stack Developer. After joining Newton School I got a great mentor named Rahul Shetty.He taught NodeJS quite well so at the end of the course I had some experience in the Backend as well.

Not just that, the availability of great mentors at Newton School helped in my career growth. These were professional instructors who are placed in reputed companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Free-charge, etc and have 7–8 year experience in the Web Development field. And how can I forget the scheduled weekend contests. The weekend contest was to test how much we learned over the period. It was also great for increasing our problem solving skills.

Sometimes, I used to skip the weekend contests and daily quizzes because of my lack of confidence in DSA. But I couldn’t deny that DSA was important for clearing interviews so I had to learn it. I would ask my mentor to guide me and they suggested that I learn very basic concepts of DSA and focus on improving my Frontend skills as it was my strong side. I felt low sometimes due to my bad DSA skills but Shreya ma’am always motivated and guided me!

Today, I know that learning backend has proved to be most beneficial for me. It wasn’t my strongest area at first but Newton School and the instructors helped me, perfect my skills!

I am indebted to my mentors at Newton School. They helped us a lot during our time there. We also received help with the interview questions and skill development. They informed us about the necessary skills required for the industry!

The level of professionalism that Newton School inculcates in it’s students is unparalleled and now I know that in the employment scenario it’s needed!